Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the print button?

Just use your browser's print feature.

Why doesn't it print properly?

Great question! There are several possibilities:

Printing has worked for me on a number of different computers attached to a number of different printers, but I understand that every printer is different and that most printers are designed specifically to frustrate users and raise their blood pressure. In the future I will try to include some options to help adjust the print size. Unfortunately, that may not be very soon.

Can I print the card headers without the black background?

Trying to save ink? Good idea! First of all, check the Print Preview, as many browsers will do this for you automatically. If not, most web browsers should allow you to turn off background images and background colors for printing. Check your Page Setup options. Your browser should also then print the text in black ink.

Can I print one card per page?

Probably! If you increase your print margins enough, the next card should print on an entirely separate page.

Can I print four (or some number other than two) cards per page?

Maybe. I recently added a hidden option that removes the automatic page break after every 2 cards, but it is a little tricky. To enable this feature:

  1. Generate your bingo cards as usual
  2. Add this text to the URL, just after
  3. Reload the page

By further adjusting the page margins and print scale, you may be able to print additional cards per page. Good luck!

Can I change the font?

Yes, so long as you want the same font for everything. Most web browsers will let you change the default fonts. In Firefox, go to Tools--Options--Content. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools--Internet Options--Fonts.

How do I call out the bingo numbers/words/phrases?

See the Bingo Call Generator. You can copy-and-paste your selection into the Word List and click "Reset". Or you can change the index.html portion of the URL of your bingo cards to "call-generator.html" and it will be pre-populated with your selections.

Why are some of the characters are garbled?

If you are seeing things like %26, you are using a character that web browsers consider special and encode in this funny way. My suggestion, for right now at least, is to avoid those characters. If you send me an email and let me know which character is causing the problem, I should be able to fix it.

Why are some columns wider than others?

The bingo squares will not split a single word, so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious will likely stretch the squares. You can try putting hyphens in the word, which should help it extend to another line. Or you can try using shorter words! (I'm a big help, ain't I?)

How can I save my bingo cards?

All the information to create your bingo cards is stored in the URL (that is, the location bar or web address field) displayed in your browser after you click Generate Bingo Cards. You can bookmark that address, send it to a friend, link to it on Facebook, etc.

May I use my bingo cards for [insert purpose here]?

Absolutely! If you would like to share your interesting use-cases with me, I would be delighted to hear about it. I've heard from teachers, public health professionals, and business leaders who have found ways to put bingo cards to good use. And, of course, Gawker used them for their Superbowl Half-Time game, Beyngo - Beyoncé Bingo.

How many words do I need for [some number] of cards?

I think you are asking how many words you need so that no 2 cards can win with the same pattern. But I cannot answer that question, for these reasons:

Thanks again for visiting the Bingo Card Generator! As always, you can reach me at chris @ osric . com