Put Osric's Magic Eight Ball on your Desktop!

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Never let a tough decision delay you again! Thanks to Adobe AIR, you can now put Osric's Magic Eight Ball on your Mac or PC desktop, so you can have access to the Great Oracle of Twenty Answers even when you don't have Internet access. Great for when you can't decide where to go for lunch, or whether or not to dump your crummy boyfriend (As I see it, yes!).


  1. Download and install Adobe AIR. (This will allows you to install Osric's Magic Eight Ball, as well as other cool applications.)
  2. Download and install Eight Ball on AIR. You'll have an icon right on your desktop!

I should point out that Osric's Magic Eight Ball is no substitute for the real thing. Order a MAGIC 8 BALL® today to have a reliable product that works even when the power is out.

Fun Eight Ball Idea: 20 Questions

Ever want to play 20 Questions, but you didn't have any friends around? Try the Eight Ball!

Is it bigger than a breadbox?
Concentrate And Ask Again
OK, I'm concentrating. Is it bigger than a breadbox?
Ask Again Later
OK. Is it an animal?
It Is Certain
Now we're getting somewhere. Is it a mammal?
Better Not Tell You Now
OK. Is it a reptile?
Outlook Good
Does it have legs?
Signs Point To Yes
Awesome. Is it bigger than a breadbox?
It Is Certain
Now you tell me. Is it a Komodo Dragon?
Signs Point To Yes

Komodo Dragon—cool! Thanks, Magic Eight Ball—you're my BFF!

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