javaScript Image Gallery

I created this javaScript-based image gallery tool to facilitate embedding image galleries and slideshows in an existing site.

Why use this image gallery?

Obviously there are a lot of third-party sites, such as Flickr, that can more than adequately display image collections. However, such collections won't be embedded in your site. And, unlike other tools you can download and implement on your site, this image gallery is javaScript-based. It does not require server-side processing, and does not requires a backend database—data is stored in a javaScript array. (Although you could certainly use server-side processing and a database to populate the array.)

For another similar alternative, check out the Adobe Spry Gallery. Spry is a free AJAX framework offered by Adobe.

Update: New image gallery tools

Since the time I built this (summer 2006), a lot of impressive (and easy-to-implement) photo gallery software has arrived on the scene. Check out these versions of Lightbox:

Prototype and jQuery are Javascript libraries that take a lot of the work out of adding Javascript functionality to your sites. You don't really need to know much about either one to get Lightbox to work, though--you just need to download the code and upload it with the rest of your web files.

Sample galleries:

Download files:

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