Christopher ™ Herdt's Spider Tie
Spider tie -- detail of the spider

Christopher ™ Herdt's Spider Tie came from the Value Village (now called Value World) on Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti, Mich. It was in a bag of ties for only fifty cents.

Spider Tie -- A hit at job interviews

Christopher ™ Herdt feels that the tie was meant for him; why else would the greatest necktie on Earth be hidden in a bag of hideously ugly ties? (Although I am also partial to the black necktie with the red Motorcraft logo printed all over it.)

Spider Tie -- See how stylish?

Aside from the fiendish grinning spider, Christopher ™ Herdt's Spider Tie also features other strange creatures surrounding an ark. Could it be that the anthropomorphic biped rabbit, the two-headed donkey, and the aquatic yak didn't make the cut on Noah's grand voyage? Are these the creatures that were left behind?

Spider Tie -- Covered in antediluvian horrors

Christopher ™ Herdt's spider tie may have biblical implications, but it is not a religious tie. It is appropriate for all occasions, regardless of faith or creed.

Spider Tie -- Wear it to Bar Mitzvahs

Thanks for visiting. If you have an upcoming special event, why not make it more special by wearing the world-famous spider tie? (A deposit may be required.)