Encode an Image

Use this page to hide one image inside another image using They Live Steganography. Currently this works in Firefox and Chrome.


You will need 2 images. One image will be your hidden message. The other image will be a facade -- the image that everyone sees. It works best if the facade image is at least as tall and as wide as your hidden message. If your facade image is too small, some of your hidden message will get cut off.

You will need to drag-and-drop the images from your computer. For example, drag files from the Desktop, or from File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). Drag-and-drop the image file with your hidden message onto the hidden image target, and drag-and-drop the image file with your facade image onto the facade image target.

Need to create images for your hidden message or your facade image? Try text2image.com or the imgflip Meme Generator (select the "Private" option when using imgflip).

Hidden Image Target

Default Key

Enable Custom Key

Facade Image Target


Hidden Image

(converted to black and white)

Facade Image

(the image to contain the hidden image)

Combined Image

(right-click and select "Save Image As...")

Key Image

(save if using a custom key)