Doktr Luv, Geographologist

The Doktr is in!

Doktr Luv knows there's someone out there that makes your heart skip a flub-dub! But how do you know if that person likes you, or even knows you exist?

That's why Doktr Luv is here! Doktr Luv is pretty good at answering "does he like me" or "does she like me" questions. Doktr Luv can predict your compatibility based on where you live in relation to your crush.

So which question is it?

OK, great! Now Doktr Luv wants to tell you something: Love is a force that crisscrosses the universe, but it is stronger in some places than in others.

To predict your compatibility, I need to compare where you live and where this fine young man lives. If love is strong between you, Doktr Luv will know.

Notice: You should know that Doktr Luv does not save the address information you enter, and Doktr Luv will never ask you for your name (or the name of the guy you like)!

Sound OK?

Please wait a moment while Doktr Luv analyzes your geographological data. This could take up to 30 seconds.

Please Wait

What is his address?
What is your address

Doktr Luv is having trouble reading your geographological chart!

Please check and make sure you entered complete addresses for both you and this guy you're thinking of.

Unfortunately, at this time, Doktr Luv has trouble getting readings on many foreign addresses.

Your geographological chart is very tricky and difficult to read. Please answer one more question for Doktr Luv:

Are you left-handed?

Doktr Luv says: On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a !

Maybe he's not the only apple of your eye?[Beta]

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