Your Bike as Phallic Symbol

Young Girls Dig Bikes Young girls dig bikes! Why? Because your motorcycle is viewed as an extension of your penis. Although it actually has nothing to do with your penis, females see your motorcycle as an external representative of what you've got in your leather pants. This is called symbolism.

It is well known that you can pick up young girls that you've just met by offering them a ride on your motorcycle. Here are some tips to help you stay safe with an additional passenger:

  • Tell your young passenger to avoid contact with the muffler, which can get extremely hot and cause a fire or unwanted panic.
  • Have your young rider put her arms around your stomach and lean into your back. This will help insure that she leans with you when you turn.
  • Always use protection. There's no telling how many bikers have used this trick on the same naive girl, and you don't want to risk getting a disease. (Most rest areas sell condoms in the Men's room for fifty cents.)

Enjoy the ride!

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