SUV drivers and Penis Envy (Part II)

But the SUV driver's incompetence is relatively minor compared to his aggression towards motorcyclists. The man behind the wheel of the SUV bought a shred of confidence for $30K-$50K. He thought, for a moment, that his penis was big enough (remember what we learned about symbolism from the last page!). Then he sees you ride by at 130MPH, wearing leather pants, and with a young girl (probably his daughter) on the back of your bike, clutching at your bulging crotch! Whatever confidence the SUV driver had shrivels to a nub. He becomes angry and unreasonable. And there is no question: he will do everything he can to run you off the road.

Scout for SUVs These two bikers are doing what they can to minimize the risk. Before they enter the freeway, they scout ahead for SUVs. They do not enter the freeway until they are sure they can get up to full speed before encountering an SUV. After all, by the time they reach full speed, the SUV will be unable to catch them.

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