Highway Brigands and the Hog

Highway Brigands These two mild-mannered looking bikers are actually insidious highway brigands. The fellow in the background was an unsuspecting victim to their attack. These thieves prey upon new Harley Davidson owners by betraying the Biker Code of Honor (BCH).

BCH dictates that all bikers share a common bond and look out for each other. When yuppies and mid-life crisis stage baby boomers purchase Harley Davidsons, they automatically assume that they share this common bond. But to some ragamuffin cutthroats, these newcomers are suckers.

Do not talk to anyone when you are stopped with your bike. Do not let admirers or "fellow bikers" get too close a look at your bike...especially if it is a Harley Davidson. If you're lucky, they'll only steal your bike.

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