Laszlo's E-mail?

Dear Sir Mr. Dr. Sir,

When I talk with friend, show email I sent he say perhaps confusing? So I throw tea to the wind and send another, so make sense more, hope I.

To say I found out about your bank from your page of the web is true is the web page. So what I need is a loan of somes kind to get back to Prague so I can be here no more. What can I do to gets mony? The page of the web, it confuses. I see at top it say personal so i click there with moose.

So it looks pretty much like whats it is I needs is a personal loan and so I can get it from you? The monys is important so I can get off of US. I have been on US many years and no one herre nos who I am or what I write but In Prahue I am a star! As soon as I get to Prague I can go on tour for universities/concert halls/football stadiums and these places, mony they will give so I pay back loan.

It is very simple plan and so you know who I am I will send resume and referencees as uyou can see I am very famous in Czech, just look some poems available in English transralations, I know transraralatiors and they give reference you see. So how can I make appoinetment to talk with you for loan? I need monys for plane ticket and mabye some extra monys until I get ruch. Like there is a saying in my country language it is better if a goose is in the hair then because over the nest comes water.

Please to hear your speaking or writing soon, I want to be your friends in all weathers and fortuntes,

Laszlo Novotny

Originally posted on Spam at UM ( Retrieved via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.