Kenneth Pobo

Ravens and Bad Bananas
Kenneth Pobo

published 1995 by Osric Publishing, Ann Arbor, Mich.
5.5" x 8.5", 24 pages. Card stock cover.
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Ravens and Bad Bananas, by Kenneth Pobo Kenneth Pobo grew up in Villa Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and for many years the major supplier of Ovaltine to the North American continent. He started writing at age fifteen, hoping to write song lyrics, although he now admits they were mostly dull hippie anthems.

He had five chapbooks and one full-length collection published prior to Ravens and Bad Bananas.

Kenneth PoboAt the time of publication, Kenneth Pobo taught English at Widener University in Chester, Penn.

Kenneth Pobo's poetry has also appeared in several past issues of White Crow, Osric Publishing's journal of poetry and short fiction.

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Ravens and Bad Bananas