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Contrived Languages

Furbish is one of the few contrived languages that has native speakers ... in this case, the native speakers are contrived beings, known as Furbies. Although relatively new on the contrived language scene (1998, if I'm not mistaken) it is expected to quickly rise in popularity due to its influence on the young people and the simplicity of their language.

Furbish natives, however, show some acclination to learn other languages. If they succeed, there will be few compelling reasons to learn Furbish except for aesthetic reasons. Plus, Furbies own no property and have no income ... meaning that there will be no foreign trade with Furbies. Furbish has few English cognates, and its small lexicon consists primarily of ways to show affection. There are few ways to express abstract ideas in Furbish.

A helpful translation device is available in the form of a English-Furbish & Furbish-English Dictionary.

me/I = kah
you = u nye
light = a-loh
sing = wee-tee
love = may-may
kiss = may-tah

See how simple it is?

Associates degrees granted after six months of study and two essays. Baccalaureate degrees granted after one year of study and appropriate thesis. Please contact chris@osric.com for further information.