Hunt the Wumpus

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About Hunt the Wumpus

The original version of Hunt the Wumpus was created by Gregory Yob in 1972. The original version was quite a bit different than this version: it was text based, and was based on the vertices of a collapsed dodecahedron (rather than a grid). Each room (vertex) connected to 3 others (rather than four). You can read more about it in the author's Hunt the Wumpus.

Rules (for this version)

  1. There are 3 hazards:
    1. A bottomless pit (you will feel a breeze nearby).
    2. A colony of bats that will pick you up and drop you in a random space--including potentially deadly spaces (you will hear flapping nearby).
    3. A fearsome, hungry, and unbathed wumpus (you will smell it nearby).
  2. The wumpus is heavy; bats cannot lift him.
  3. The wumpus is covered in suckers; he won't fall down the bottomless pit.
  4. Firing an arrow that misses the wumpus may cause it to move.
  5. You have 5 wumpus-piercing arrows.
  6. You may find an arrow dropped by a previous hunter.

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Play Hunt the Wumpus on twitter! Follow @wumpus_bot on twitter, and once it follows you back send a DM with the message "new game" to start playing. This is in beta, so let me know if you notice any bugs: chris @ osric . com.

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