Art Fair Bingo

Art Fair.

What a misnomer. It's not art and it's not fair. Hordes of middle-aged women and retiree couples descend upon quiet Ann Arbor and wreak havoc for close to a week. If we venture outside, we're sure to get stuck in the eye with the dangerous Art-on-a-Stick, the weapon of choice of these patron-assailants.

Don't despair!

While they're having fun at our expense, why not have a little fun at their expense? Play Art Fair Bingo! Print out a bingo card and roam the fair. See if you can sight five connected squares of depicted scenes or characters.


artfairbingo2004.pdf (PDF - 644K)


Other Years

The tradition lives on!

Create Your Own

Use our Bingo Card Generator to make and share your own bingo cards (strictly text-based at the moment, but better than not playing at all!)


The history of Art Fair Bingo is not well documented. A 1999 Art Fair Bingo card designed by "Toad" credits the original idea to Tanya the Blast-Off Girl (The Blast-Off Girls--Sue, Wendy, and Tanya--were radio DJs/on-air personalities at WCBN 88.3 FM).

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