Oh, the irony!
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Why you should avoid The Corporation

My new work address, which should not be on any lists that are not work-related, has received 2 spam messages from The Corporation in the past couple weeks:

The messages were not technically sent by The Corporation--they were sent by a PR firm. I first wrote to goodcompany@hellocoolworld.com on 11 August 2004 and asked them to respond and tell me how they got my e-mail address. I was polite, but I did ask for a response and told them that I was taking the message to be spam.

As of 20 August 2004, I have not received a reply.

I thought that, perhaps, the filmmakers were not aware of the PR firm's slimy promotion tactics, so after the second spam, I wrote to mail@zeitgeistfilms.com. I asked them if Good Company Communications Inc. was indeed the PR firm for their film, and if so, that they were sending out spam to promote the movie.

No reply.

At this point, I am annoyed. I had planned to see the movie at The Michigan Theater, but I refuse to support spam. Until I receive either explanation or apology, here's my personal boycott of their film.

- Chris Herdt
e-mail address withheld