Sunday Drivers and the Biker

Sunday Drivers and You The biker has always been at odds with the "Sunday Driver". You are trying to enjoy a beautiful day by letting the wind whip through your hair. The geezer in the Buick ahead of you believes destruction is immenint if his vehicle exceeds 35 MPH. What can you do?

As the figure shows, there are three ways to let the geezer choke on your exhaust. You can easily cross to the left of the double yellow line and whip past. Don't worry about oncoming traffic...your acceleration rate is so amazing that you'll be long gone before a collision could occur. The only danger is if the oncoming vehicle is an SUV (see SUV drivers).

Another fine way is to pass on the right. Be careful, though! Many roads have gravel shoulders, which aren't conducive to fast-moving motorcycles.

The best way is to swerve between cars. There should be plenty of room between two cars for a motorcycle, and even if it's a tight spot, a skilled biker like you should be able to handle it easily.

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