Laszlo Novotny is a Czech artist living in Prague. Everything I know about him is on this web site.

This is by far the most important page of this site. If you email friends about this, send them here first: Laszlo Novotny is nothing if you can't see the prints!

The print of the cat that started my Laszlo Novotny obsession:

Laszlo Novoty's Strange Old Girl

Laszlo Novotny's signature. Be sure to look for this on any odd prints that you feel may have been done by Laszlo Novotny.

This is one of the two prints that Laszlo was selling circa June, 1999. Once again, heavy black lines, very stylized. I love the flopping tounge, it looks as though it's lurched across the paper to reach a little black blob that may be a fly! This is certainly one of Laszlo's most refined works, in terms of aesthetics. The frog and the lilly pad show signs that Laszlo isn't unskilled; he just had bad ideas! (I still have two of these left; I am willing to share them for $18 each.)

This is the title of the frog piece, in Czech, in Laszlo Novotny's own hand.

Also circa June, 1999. 100% Laszlo Novotny. What is the best part about this print? Is it the partial frightened head in the lower left? The huge outstretched hand? Or the massively distorted bird, with a smaller bird clutched in its talon(s)? This print, along with the cat, are always the attention-getters for first time visitors to my apartment. (I still have three of these left; I am willing to share them with you for $25 each.)

This is the title of the running man print, by Laszlo's hand. Anyone knowledgable in Czech?

Circa October, 1999. Laszlo Novotny experiments with color! This is his most intimate work to date, and by that I mean that it is best appreciated from close up. I hung mine in a well-lit hall, so that people see it as they are right next to it. Many a visitor has been trapped in the hall for minutes at a time, studying the strange detail of this oddity! I'll be auctioning this one all next week on ebay, but I'll be sure to mention on this site if there are any left later.

The title of the monkey-lizard piece. Again, I have absolutely no idea what it says. Well, something about 'zoo'?

Laszlo's signature on the monkey piece. Study is your only way of really knowing the real thing, should you end up in Prague!

If you are a first time visitor, or are not familiar with the funny story of how we found Laszlo Novotny, please read his story now.