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Osric University's Dragon Poker Club

Dragon Poker isn't a sport per se, since it doesn't require any athletic ability, but the competative nature of the game elevates it to a level far beyond a mere game of chance.

Dragon Poker was created by author Robert Aspirin in a series of novels known as the "Myth" series, featuring Skeeve, a young inept (but lucky) magician, and Aahz, a huge reptile whose magical powers have been suspended by a curse. It is similar to poker, but has a set of rules so lengthy and complex that no single player could ever hope to memorize them all.

And therein lies the challenge: remembering certain rules may change the outcome of a hand entirely. For example, a pair of dragons typically beats a pair of gryphons. But if you are playing on a Tuesday, the pair of gryphons takes the pair of dragons. Unless you're playing on a Tuesday in the months of March, July, or November, in which case the dragons beat the gryphons. Unless of course the player's (holding the gryphons) name begins with the letter R, S, or T, in which case the gryphons become wild cards. On odd numbered years, that is. If the relative humidity is less that 75%, that is. So long as you're playing south of the 45th parallel.

As you can see, an intriguingly complex game. Osric U is fortunate enough to hold one of four remaining copies of the Rules of Dragon Poker world-wide. (One is held in an air-tight vault at the Library of Congress, one is owned by the Miskatonic University Dragon Poker Club, and the other is in possession of a private owner in Prague.)

All comers are welcome to attend the Dragon Poker Club's tri-weekly meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, except in the month of April, when meetings are held bi-weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays, and August, when they are held daily, except when the moon is waning.

The Dragon Poker Club also meets every third Saturday, except in the months of April and August, for a rousing game of Nasty Canasta, which is a stricly 18 and over event. Cover charge is $10, which covers up to five alcoholic beverages.


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