Osric University

Osric University's Kosho Team

Although Kosho is an individual sport, the Hoary Jackdaws of Osric U. like to think of themselves as a team. Our current team consists of Solomon Grundy, Duncan Sweeney, Andrew Sikes, and Julie Karasewicz (Osric U's first woman Kosho player).

Kosho is a strenuous and violent game developed by Patrick McGoohan for the 1967 television series The Prisoner. It involves two trampolines set on either side of a 4" x 8" pool of water, set next to a high barrier wall with an angled ledge and hand-rail (Osric University's kosho arena is the only such arena in the state of Michigan). The two opponents wear a padded glove on their right hand, and a boxing glove on their left. The goal of the game is to knock one's opponent into the pool.

Osric University's current Kosho champion is Solomon Grundy (17-3), who defeated Xander Seltzman of Concordia College (21-2) on October 13th.

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