Osric University

Osric University's Quidditch Team

Technically, Osric University competes only in Muggle Quidditch, a version of Quidditch which does not involve flying. Although Osric U. has a few Hoary Jackdaws who do claim to have the gift of flight, none so far have ever shown their flying prowess on the Quidditch field.

Quidditch is a game devised by author J. K. Rowling for the novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and further developed in subsequent novels about Harry Potter.

In Muggle Quidditch, the chasers uses brooms much as broomball players would, trying to knock the quaffle through one of three goals, defended by the opposing team's keeper.

The role of the beaters is difficult to translate into Muggle Quidditch; previously we had been using discarded rotweilers from our animal research facility as bludgers. However, we were quickly informed by animal rights activists that beating dogs with a stick is not appropriate, even in sport. We now use Artificial Radio-Controlled Attack Modules (ARCAMs), which are similar to Battle Bots.

The seeker's role is also difficult to translate into Muggle Quidditch. We have decided to use a weasel in a small plastic exercise ball as a snitch. The snitch is easily visible, so to make the games last longer, we blind-fold all the seekers. All in all, the game translates fairly well.

For the 2004 Quidditch season, here are Osric U's Hoary Jackdaws!
Chaser: Jim Perkins
Chaser: Wendy Infundibular
Chaser: Zogon Waxworm
Keeper: Kyle Burkhardt
Beater: Helga Wittgenstein
Beater: Matthew Foucault
Seeker: Helena Ford


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