Osric University

Osric University's 43-Player Squamish Team

43-Player Squamish is a complex game that challenges both the body and the mind. It was created in 1965 by George Woodbridge and Tom Koch, writers for a well-known New York magazine. For details on this complicated sport, click here.

Here is the schdule of the 2002 Squamish season:

And here is the starting line-up for the 2002 Squamish team. Go Hoary Jackdaws!
Left Inside Grouch: Jim Yuells
Right Inside Grouch: Ozzy Mendelbrot
Left Outside Grouch: Charles "Chaz" Parlmentry
Right Outside Grouch: R. J. White
Deep Brooder: Mrrranda L. Tarrow
Deep Brooder: Hortense Flozgrove
Deep Brooder: Dikembe Butro-Butro-Flembert
Deep Brooder: Hans Olgerswatz
Shallow Brooder: Brodie Brockie
Shallow Brooder: Alowicious "Silly Legs" Murphey
Shallow Brooder: Alphonse Kewity IX
Shallow Brooder: Ralph "Ralph" Bonderwitz
Wicketman: Chika Conwookie
Wicketman: Amy Gladstone
Wicketman: Buster Filharmonic
Wicketman: C. S. Hurt
Wicketman: Veronica Dershniper
Offensive Nibling: Klaus Dershnickerhassengrove
Offensive Nibling: Susan Felch
Offensive Nibling: Nicholas "Neek" Rivers
Quarter-Frummert: Carmen Sandiego
Quarter-Frummert: Albert Prinz
Quarter-Frummert: Theo Logan
Quarter-Frummert: Will Preston
Half-Frummert: Skeeter Jones
Half-Frummert: Nikita Chartkov
Full-Frummert: Mike Schiller
Overblat: Carlos Delfuego
Overblat: Flavius "Flavor" Masterson
Underblat: Bender Gin Faster
Underblat: Mike Paine
Back-up Finks: Paul Arnet
Back-up Finks: Kristin Kieslowski
Back-up Finks: Laszlo Hollyfeld
Back-up Finks: Katie Divet
Back-up Finks: Arch J. Villain
Back-up Finks: Balki Bartokamous
Back-up Finks: Ned Flanders
Back-up Finks: Pete Aspic
Back-up Finks: Olaf Von Vonvon
Leaper: "Big" Abe McClure
Leaper: Tom Akin
Dummy: Drew Hudson


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