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The Merging of Genres and the "Bring Tha Noise Effect"

This course will examine the postmodern trend in modern pop music to merge and blend genres, to borrow and sample heavily from artists of other genres, and thereby create new forms of creative expression.

After a brief overview of these ideas in general, we will study in specific the merging of hip hop (formerly known as rap) and heavy metal/hard rock, pioneered by Run DMC's collaboration with Aerosmith on their re-make of "Walk this Way" from their 1986 album, Raising Hell. This concept truly emerged in the early 1990's with Public Enemy and Anthrax's collaboration on "Bring Tha Noise". This idea was further solidified by the popular Judgement Night soundtrack, which featured numerous hip hop acts in collaboration with rock and metal bands.

After fully examining the roots of this movement, we will move forward to study more modern crossover artists, such as Kid Rock, Korn, Limp Biskit, and Rage Against the Machine.

Finally, we will discuss the future of this new movement. Does a genre need a name to survive? Does the fact that Kid Rock cannot be described by either rock or hip hop help or hinder his success as an artist? Or, if this new form continues to rise in popularity, will it erase existing notions of rock, metal, and hip hop entirely?

Note: you will be required to purchase several CDs to participate in this class (unless, of course, you have high-speed internet access and know how to use any one of a number of peer-to-peer file sharing programs—which, as you know, is perfectly legal for educational purposes).


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