Osric University

Mission Statement:

Osric University endeavors to fill the gaps in modern higher education, where students learn by rote the knowledge that has already been accumulated by scholars of previous generations.

Osric University is where "the student becomes the scholar." Every course involves a certain amount of standard reading and homework assignments, but the vast majority of the course load involves research and critical essays. These essays will comprise a new knowledge. What good is it to spend four years at an institute only to accrue the same knowledge that can fit a bookcase, or a CD-ROM? Our students will reach the very edges of their fields of study. When they graduate, they will have more than a degree. They will be experts in their fields, with papers, published and unpublished, to prove it.

Osric University will forge ahead and uncover new fields of study, such as our ground-breaking Department of Contrived Languages. We will remain open to new ideas and embrace the new age that is quickly turning once-respeceted but now-stodgy institutions into relics of an age long past.

Osric University will make every attempt to keep coursework stimulating and exciting by including active participation in the uncovering of new knowledge.


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