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Press Releases:

Osric University researchers in the Department of Applied Abnormal Psychology were cited in a 7 May 2000, article in The Jakarta Post, as well as a 8 May 2006 article in the Manila Standard Today.

Osric University's research on the topic of pathological lying, although it cannot be yet considered extensive, is acccessible and informative.

It is no wonder that journalists and physicians around the globe turn to Osric University for information on disorders that, like pathological lying, have been neglected by the majority of educational and psychiatric institutions!

Osric University's course in Klingon cited by Southern Methodist University's student newspaper, The Daily Campus, on 7 February 2003.

In Jonathan Dewbre's commentrary, "One class to fool them all," he mentions Osric University's course in Klingon alongside courses such as the University of Texas' "The Linguistics of Tolkien's Middle Earth" and SMU's class on "The Lord of the Rings."

Dewbre's remarks, including "Knowing how to speak [made-up languages] serves no purpose in the real world," were not entirely complimentary. Osric University language professor Richard Gribbardi responded by saying, "Studying a contrived language develops analytical skills and opens a student's eye to possibilities beyond what traditional linguistic study can offer."

Osric University's scholars have been cited in a variety of other publications, such as research papers and even by a newsletter for a public defender's office. If you see our research cited in a publication, please let us know.


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