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The Mandarom Sect and the Cosmic Christ

The Mandarom Sect, led by Gilbert Bourdain ("The Cosmic Christ"), calls its religion Aumism, The Universal Religion. Mandarom is the name for their city, founded in 1969 in southeastern France. The city, and the sect, became widely known after residents of nearby towns complained about the large concrete statues (the largest is 108' tall, or 33 meters).

Unlike some of the other fringe religious groups studied here at Osric University, Aumism is not a suicide cult and is still very much active. Unfortunately, most of the information on Mandarom and Aumism is in French. More research needs to be made available in English in order to better understand this religious group. It is advisable that students studying Aumism have at least a rudimentary knowledge of French.

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