Osric University

Requirements & Prerequisites:

Osric University does not offer enough classes on its own to fulfill degree requirements. We follow the university "Without Walls" approach, that is, we only require that our students already hold an equivalent degree (baccalaureate or associates) from another institution, or that they fulfill more traditional course requirements at other colleges and universities.

Osric University wishes to focus on researching the new and the unexplored, so it stands to reason that we do not spend our time maintaining facilities and faculty to teach, for example, Chemistry 101. While this is an important class for students pursuing the sciences, it is also a class that they can take from any local college or university.

Osric University requires that all applicants must pass the OAT 2000 (Osric Aptitude Test) before becoming students. The OAT 2000 is available online.

Osric University is not concerned about your previous grades in traditional educational institutions; we are only interested in how you perform at Osric University. Students must meet the requirements of their individual major, which usually entails several major research projects and papers, which maintaining the highest scholarly standards.

(Our Requirements and Prerequisites will contain more detail as we complete the outlines for degree programs in our various departments.)


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