Osric University

Social Engineering

Department chair: Nick Farr

The story is legendary on campus, but in case you haven't heard it before:

Osric University had no course of study in Social Engineering until 1999. Students arrived for the first day of class on a Monday mid-morning, filling the lecture hall for R. Billiards' Topics in Computer Security course. As Professor Billiards prepared to begin the lecture, a young man wearing a jacket and tie rushed into the room and put a stack of papers on the podium. "I'm sorry I'm running late," he said, "the registrar's last minute rescheduling has really thrown things into disarray."

Professor Billiards interrupted him, saying he must have the wrong room. The man pulled out a course schedule and pointed out that Prof. Billiards' course had been moved to a Tu-Th schedule. They commiserate about the lack of communication from the registrar, and Prof. Billiards shook his head, packed his bag and left.

"Some of you may not think you are in the right classroom," the young man said to the students. "Let me assure you that you are."

"I am Professor Nick Farr, and this is your introduction to Social Engineering."

Nick Farr was not yet a professor. In fact, he was a student at the nearby University of Michigan and not even enrolled at Osric University. But as student questions filtered back to the registrar and the administration realized what had happened, we hired Farr on the spot as the chair of our new Social Engineering department, the first of its kind in a university setting anywhere.

It was an introductory lecture Osric U students would never forget!

The Social Engineering Department is devoted to the study of manipulating individuals or societies through the use of misdirection, coercion and through leveraging social mores and beliefs. The department is not only devoted to the study of social engineering in history, but also in the present day as a cultural study, and as a practical application.


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