SEO and title tag density

How does keyword density in the title tag affect search engine placement? On Facts about Title Keyword Density, it says that rewards high keyword density in a title tag, whereas punishes high keyword density in a title tag.

I don’t really care about search engines other than Google. I’ve heard SEO experts claim that Yahoo! and MSN/Live still contribute a fair number of clicks, but that’s not true according to my server stats. I’d like to find out if Google really does punish keyword density in a title tag.

I created 3 similar pages for a fictional person, whose name currently return zero results in Google. Using the name as the search term, there are 3 different keyword weights.

  1. Test A (100%)
  2. Test B (50%)
  3. Test C (9%)

This may not be the best test methodology, but at least it’s a start. In a few days, I’ll see how Google ranks them. Any opinions on how the pages will rank?