User Interface Issues

I just recently finished up some pretty cool feature adds to a lightweight CMS that I have built for a client. (they are happy and impressed with it, and It looks like I’m going to pick up another two jobs, where all I need to do is install the code I have written. Yey! I have been trying to get to that point for quite some time now)

One of the major reasons behind the feature upgrade was to fix some huge User Interface problems with “list management”, and they are fixed, but of course now that I’m playing with it, I have discovered that the new UI has some big issues as well. In particular, administrators now see the list exactly as it normally would be, but there are a few links next to each item that allow you to edit it, delete it, or move it up or down. It’s neat but the extra text very much breaks up the visual flow of the list in a lot of cases, and in one case is actually pretty darned hard to access.

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