Are you proud of your code?

I know that I am consistently ashamed of my code. it is quite rare that I turn out any code which I don’t feel dissatisfied with. (I don’t think this is a reflection on my quality as a coder, I think that most of the code that I encounter is complete crap)

Other people are constantly happy with the code that produce. I wonder what the key difference in there personal outlook is, and if it ultimately makes them happier or sadder, as well as if it makes them better or worse coders and or more or less diligent. (speaking of being ashamed of things, that sentence was horrible)

It seems obvious that those who are always happy with there code would be less likely to revise it, but I’m not sure that this is true. I know that when I do have code that I feel happy about having written, I’m pretty enthused to keep working on it. To make it cleaner and better. On the other hand with most of my code I feel more like “when can I be done with this and work on something that doesn’t suck” I start to get sloppy and try to rush to the finish line, which I’m sure instills bad habits.

So I have decided that I am going to make a real effort to start trying to write code that I’m happy to come back and work on going forward from here. Of course I feel like I make myself that promise every other month.

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