So Far phpShop is pretty sweet

Well, I have gotten shin deep into phpShop now, and at this point I’m pretty darned happy with what I have seen. Since I have been so dramatically UNHAPPY with most of the other shopping cart implementations that I have run into in PHP, this is something of a godsend. At the moment my only significant complaint is that it uses PHP directly as its template engine, and at this point I’m a HUGE fan of smarty. However I think that this can be dismissed for the moment as a small bump in the road, and if I end up using this heavily, then perhaps I will end up patching smarty onto it.

Other than that, some of the file names could be slightly more descriptive (what is the diff between p_header.ihtml s_header.ihtml and c_header.ihtml) but that would just make an already fairly gentle learning curve easier, its not really a problem.

So far, I give php shop a big thumbs up

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