New Project, New Codebase, Urgent Timeline

I landed a new project about 5 days ago, and it had a 21 day timeline when I landed it. I’m the only developer on this project, but I do have a designer and, I’m going to recruit a tester as well. The money looks good for it, and the “client” is actually _another_ project manager who sits between us and the actual client. You may have remembered me bitching a lot about my last project (which turned into a horror show)

The idea is that I have walked away with several lessons from that, and that this project will be shorter and more lucrative (both!) as well as more fun to work on. I’m pretty happy with it so far, having finally found a place where inheritance was _really_ useful in site, rather than something I just sort of forced things to use for no good reason (other than a desire to be programming OO)

The codebase I inherited was, for a wonder, not a train-wreck (something that I was getting really sick of) Though I can see why they pulled the previous developer, based on timeline. (I would say he was about 10% done at the halfway mark on the schedual.) He does a lot of things diffrently from the way I would do them, but I can (almost) always repect his design choices while disagreeing.

I also got a chance to write a cool little 3 line javascript “form extender”. I have done this before in _much_ more complmicated ways, but I think I finally figured out the trick to it. Hopefully I will post a how-to as another post soon.

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