SharePoint 2010 Cross-Site Lookup using PowerShell

A common SharePoint request is to create a lookup field from a list in another site. This is possible so long as the sites are within the same site collection, but it does require some customization.

Since I am dealing with a single-server farm, I was able to do this fairly quickly in PowerShell:

# Set the site collection in which the source and destination webs exist
$site = Get-SPSite("https://mysite/path/")

# Set the source web to the web where the source list exists
$sourceweb = $site.OpenWeb("sourcepath")

# Set the destination web to the web where you wish to add the lookup
$destinationweb = $site.OpenWeb("destinationpath")

# Set the source list to the list in which the field exists
$sourcelist = $sourceweb.Lists["List Name"]

# Set the source field to the field you wish to perform lookups on
$sourcefield = $sourcelist.Fields["Field Name"]

# Get the collection of all fields in the destination list
$destinationfields = $destinationweb.Lists["List Name"].Fields

# Add a lookup field to the fields collection
# See the SPFieldCollection AddLookup(String,Guid,Guid,Boolean) method
# For details:
$lookupname = $destinationfields.AddLookup($sourcefield.Title,$sourcelist.ID,$sourceweb.ID,false)
# The above produces an error: Missing expression after ','. At line:1, char:83
# Right--in Powershell, $false is False.
$lookupname = $destinationfields.AddLookup($sourcefield.Title,$sourcelist.ID,$sourceweb.ID,$false)

# Get the newly-added lookup field
$lookup = $destinationfields.GetFieldByInternalName($lookupname)

# Set the lookup field to the internal name of the source field
$lookup.LookupField = $sourcefield.InternalName

# Update the lookup -- without this the previous changes won't be saved

# Dispose of the SPWeb and SPSite objects

One thought on “SharePoint 2010 Cross-Site Lookup using PowerShell”

  1. This works, but you still can’t query cross-site lookup columns which was my issue.

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