PowerShell Ellipsis (dot dot dot)

Sometimes when you retrieve an object via PowerShell, some of the properties are truncated, denoted by an ellipsis (“…”).

For example:
Get-Mailbox chris | Select AddressListMembership

{\Staff Global Address List, \Staff, \IT Staff, \Exchange Admins...}

How do you see the full list? There are a couple ways:

Select -ExpandProperty
Get-Mailbox chris | Select -ExpandProperty AddressListMembership

$FormatEnumerationLimit =-1
This is a per-session variable in PowerShell. By default the value is 4, but if you change it to -1 it will enumerate all items. This will affect every property of every object, so it may be more than you need.

2 thoughts on “PowerShell Ellipsis (dot dot dot)”

  1. Thanks for this! I tried setting the “$FormatEnumerationLimit=-1” variable and it did not work for me.

  2. If I include it with *no spaces*
    It works.. to the edge of the current window.

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