Javascript textarea counter

I’ve been thinking more about the textarea counter issue that I mentioned in my previous post (“Users Paste Differently“).

First of all, I noticed that some of the textarea counter scripts date back to at least 2000, so this has been a problem that developers have been looking to solve for 8 years. I checked the HTML 5 specification and found that in HTML 5, the textarea element has a maxlength attribute. Presumably user agents will build in the most elegant solution.

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Users Paste Differently

I’ve been using a relatively generic Javascript textarea counter for several years to restrict the input length on form textareas. I’m not sure where the specific version I’m using came from, but you can find dozens like it on Google.

Almost all of them rely on the onKeyDown and onKeyUp events to trigger the script. However, some users still manage to submit text that exceeded the limits, even though the application required Javascript. I could not for the life of me reproduce this issue…until today.
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