Javascript Unit Tests with TravisCI and QUnit

I wanted to make an update to my Bingo Card Generator. Previously I’d added automated tests for JSHint via TravisCI to test for code formatting, but now I wanted to actually test code functionality. I decided to add a simple unit test using QUnit.

I made a lot of mistakes trying to get this to work (probably because I didn’t read the documentation!), so I’ve included all my steps and missteps below in case they are useful to someone else:
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Set operations in ColdFusion

Today I needed to get all the elements in one list that were not members of a second list. That may ring a bell — it’s known as a set difference, or a relative complement.

Although it would have been simple to loop through first the list and add only the elements not present in the second list to a new list, I thought I would look around to see if anyone had already implemented set operations in ColdFusion, e.g. on I was surprised that I didn’t find anything, so I decided to create my own, as much as an exercise as anything, and posted it to Bitbucket:
arraySet: ColdFusion set operations

I included the following operations:

  • union
  • intersection
  • set difference
  • subset
  • equality
  • size

In the process, I experimented with MXUnit, a unit testing suite for ColdFusion that integrates with Eclipse. (I am currently taking a Scala programming course that emphasizes Test-Driven Development, or TDD, so I thought I should try it in CF as well.)

Since I was implementing sets using arrays as the underlying data structure, I also decided to use cfinterface to define a set interface, which arraySet implements. I had never used cfinterface before, and although its usefulness has been questioned, it seemed more appropriate than extending a base set class.