Totally Hosed My Dev Environment

So I have been trying to play with the Zend Framework, which by all accounts is pretty cool, and trying to get it set up on the dev environment that I have here on my cute little macbook. Sadly, for some reason the version of os X 10.5 that ships with it doesn’t have pdo_mysql support installed (though it has pdo_mysqllite ?? I mean, come on, seriously?) So it’s off to the recompile mines. Sadly, once you recompile PHP you need to recompile Apache, which wouldn’t be a big deal at all other than my not knowing about it and it not giving me anything like a coherent error message regarding this. Fine, whatever….

Next, I discover that I can’t user the PEAR auto-installer, because it can’t find the damn modules directory, and neither can I. I have even tried making new ones in every likely place. What’s worse, I seem to have also lost traditional MySQL support as well.

I’m getting pretty annoyed with OSX here, It’s a damn nice client OS, but it’s driving me nuts on the server side. (Still better than Windows, it’s just a bit like the The Twilight Zone, things are close enough to where they should be to make you think that you know what’s going on, but when you try to actually do something….)

I guess I’ll try MAMP now. I have been meaning to look at that anyway.

2 thoughts on “Totally Hosed My Dev Environment”

  1. We set up dev environments specifically so we can wreak havoc without worry, but it’s always a time-consuming process to put them back together.

    Maybe we should take a page out of the sysadmin book and create ghost images of our dev environments? I think you had mentioned doing something like that before, so that you could quickly change dev environments to match you clients’ configurations.

  2. 1) Hell yes in concept. I actually really want to try playing with this time-machine thing apple has. I think that might be a shiny new solution.

    2) I do generally keep my (lowercase d) dev environments in SVN for any given project, which is the way to go. It lets you do things without worrying about hosing yourself. (I recall trying to get people to use SVN over where your working, but it never really took) Sadly this time I screwed up my (capital D) Dev environment, meaning server config rather than code. I generally don’t mess with this too much, so none of it was in a position to roll back

    3) I’m all (mostly) fixed up at this point. I still can’t get the GD lib working, but I’m not currently using it for anything so screw it for now. MAMP was a complete bust, but what did help me was to stop being lazy and using “find” and to get “locate” working and installed.

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