Adobe AIR and digital certificate password length

I’ve received several e-mail messages over the past couple months letting me know that the desktop magic eight ball application I created for a beta version of Adobe AIR no longer worked.

Naturally, it wasn’t the highest priority on my to-do list, but I finally decided to get around to it. But I kept getting an error message: “no such file C:\air\eightball\in”

I had decided try the Adobe AIR extension for Dreamweaver CS3, which makes slapping together a simple AIR app a breeze. But every time I clicked the “Create AIR File” button, I got the same error message. I could preview the app just fine, though.

I set up a the “Hello, World” example, and that worked just fine. What gives?, I thought. It must be a problem with one of my files. One by one I removed the files, but I still got the error message:

no such file C:\air\eightball\in

I eventually figured it out: the digital certificate password apparently only accepts 15 characters. “in” happened to be the 16th and 17th characters of the password I used for the digital certificate. Once I used a shorter password, it created the file without incident. Rest easy, netizens: You can now make all your important decisions with a desktop eight ball.

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