Emacs and osX

I am a huge emacs fan, to the point of having written my own major mode for working in coldfusion when I couldn’t find one that satisfied (rather than moving to another editor) Its something that I see as part of my personality, almost like a political affiliation. I also happen to be using a mac at the moment, and my first few tries at using emacs under osX went pretty poorly, but I did work everything out, and I thought that I would write about it some to save everyone else the trouble.

First off, I initially tried just installing a standard version of emacs and using it through the terminal. As it turns out that has a lot of problems, particularly with keys being in odd spots (the meta key behaves a little oddly) and with the interaction of cutting / pasting / killing and Yanking. The next try was xEmacs under the mac X11 server. That was an instant disaster.

My third try was with aquamacs which worked decently, but I still found to have several frustrating bits of unpolished interaction. I could have lived with this indefinitely, but another emacs fan I know suggested I look at carbon emacs and wow am I glad I did. This is what emacs for mac should be.

The only major change I needed to deal with is adding (setq mac-option-modifier ‘meta) which made the damn meta key work in a way that doesn’t drive me nuts.

So for those of you on a mac, consider having a look.

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