Why Doesn’t TinyMCE load in IE?

looks like it is all due to the insertAdjacentHTML call being used in another library. In my case, wz_tooltip. Oh wow did this hurt me. So that horror of a project that keeps on poking its head up sent in another small request… put tinyMCE or FCKeditor into one page on the website. Offered 5 hours. Well TinyMCE is already installed, so I figured this was a chance to recoup a little of my loss on this project. Sure enough, I activated TinyMCE with about 5 lines of code, checked that it worked in Firefox, and billed my money.

Next morning I get a call. The thing doesn’t work in IE. So I try a few quick and obvious things, move around where it gets loaded, try a few different load orders. No luck. Grr. I was going to type out my whole damn process, but I realized that’s not what people want to read…

Short version is: the wz_tooltip.js library conflicts with the TinyMCE library ONLY in Internet Explorer. This is because of a call to insertAdjacentHTML which is an IE-only javascript call (thanks again for embrace and extend M$). As a workaround, you can modify the wz_tooltip file by commenting out from line 397 (inclusive) (thats: if(wztt_body.insertAdjacentHTML) ) down to line 400 inclusive (thats : else if(typeof wztt_body.innerHTML != wztt_u && document.createElement && wztt_body.appendChild) ) And now I’m off to submit bug reports.

What a waste of a morning.

3 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t TinyMCE load in IE?”

  1. Thanks a million! I found out the problem was a conflict between the two rather quickly, but i have spend the last 2 hours randomly changing names and searching for duplicates to fix the problem! 🙁

  2. Your welcome Arjen!
    I’m really happy that I was able to help someone else with this problem, and that these posts are getting pulled into that greater cloud of documentation which is the searchable web. I’m glad I’m not writing these things completely in vane.

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