Why Doesn’t TinyMCE load in IE?

looks like it is all due to the insertAdjacentHTML call being used in another library. In my case, wz_tooltip. Oh wow did this hurt me. So that horror of a project that keeps on poking its head up sent in another small request… put tinyMCE or FCKeditor into one page on the website. Offered 5 hours. Well TinyMCE is already installed, so I figured this was a chance to recoup a little of my loss on this project. Sure enough, I activated TinyMCE with about 5 lines of code, checked that it worked in Firefox, and billed my money.

Next morning I get a call. The thing doesn’t work in IE. So I try a few quick and obvious things, move around where it gets loaded, try a few different load orders. No luck. Grr. I was going to type out my whole damn process, but I realized that’s not what people want to read…

Short version is: the wz_tooltip.js library conflicts with the TinyMCE library ONLY in Internet Explorer. This is because of a call to insertAdjacentHTML which is an IE-only javascript call (thanks again for embrace and extend M$). As a workaround, you can modify the wz_tooltip file by commenting out from line 397 (inclusive) (thats: if(wztt_body.insertAdjacentHTML) ) down to line 400 inclusive (thats : else if(typeof wztt_body.innerHTML != wztt_u && document.createElement && wztt_body.appendChild) ) And now I’m off to submit bug reports.

What a waste of a morning.