jQuery is AWESOME

I just took (and finished) a small project to add some ajax and javascript whiz-bang to a website. (actually it was the home page for a web development company you would think that they would keep that in house) and I decided to try out jQuery.

It blew my socks off. I’m really really impressed with jQuery, and I’m looking forward to using it a lot more. It took me an hour or two to really get a handle on how a few parts of it work, but man is it a powerhouse. If your website needs to sing and dance…. jQuery is the way!

2 thoughts on “jQuery is AWESOME”

  1. Can you elaborate a little more on what’s possible with it? Or point to resources that could be useful for me an accidental developer in its earliest days.

  2. @Yuri, the author of this particular post is no longer active on the site. But the best place to start finding info about jQuery is at the source: https://jquery.com/

    As the site mentions, it can help make traversing and manipulating the DOM (Document Object Model), managing event handlers, and making AJAX requests much easier than using plain Javascript alone.

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