Hunt the Wumpus

I am taking a course in discrete mathematics this semester, and the professor suggested we take a look at a game called Hunt the Wumpus.

Hunt the Wumpus was originally created in the 1970s, and unfortunately, most of the versions you can find on the web today are easier and less interesting that the original. The original eschewed a square grid for the game board and instead used a “squashed” dodecahedron, where each game space was one of the vertices.

It is also noteworthy for introducing the superbat, a feature of other games (including Zork) that followed Hunt the Wumpus, and for the humorous feedback (e.g. “ZAP–Superbat Snatch! Elsewhereville for you!”) that many of my favorite games adopted.

At any rate, I decided to recreate a version of the easier and less interesting grid-based game in Javascript:
Hunt the Wumpus

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